Do you want to be active worldwide. Are you in Russia a company with an international focus with this aim? What is your vision? It is more and more important to move on to international markets and to realize the vision of a modern , international company. The competition brings you innovation , know-how , market access and cooperation. Finally, you can defend your home market better. Expand your business from Switzerland.

Switzerland is the best place for knowledge and innovation. By the total population , we have the most Nobel Prize winners. In many economic rankings, Switzerland occupied the first places . As a neutral country, Switzerland scores in many ways.

Best infrastructure , high recreational value , low taxes and a citizen-friendly administration. This you can expect in the Switzerland. Svoe – Delo will help you build your business.

Do you want to share it ? We at Svoe – Delo open your business in Switzerland. From there you can work on world market.

Your success is our success, you open your business in Switzerland, quickly, easily for favorable terms.

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