Success in Switzerland

With a presence in Switzerland often facilitate trade relations. You have access to a variety of knowledge. Our services relate to the founding and support of the company structure.

Company Formation

We evaluate the benefits of doing business in Switzerland. Together we think about markets, customers, goals . You will then know what is possible. Of course we care about the implementation. In a first step, this can be a representative in Switzerland, which receives the activities together with you. In a second step then follows an own company, a limited liability company or AG. Depending on the target, staff expertise, customer focus, research skills, tax optimization or personal preferences, we recommend a place. We quickly and easily found by favorable conditions. We serve the company as a director and keep the current legal framework running.

Company structure

Our main goal is to supported you with the setup and marketing your product or service. We are searching for the right business partners and customers. All questions that will be answered quickly by us in daily business. We guarantee the correct appliance of the tax and social security services. On request we take over the bookkeeping. We are looking for a long-term partnership .